We know how to make the most advanced opinion polling solution for any election in the world and that is how we started the original Riddes Ltd in 1998 in Finland. As world and technology keep developing we have been merging elements and companies to create the Riddes Corporation (EU, US) as it exists nowadays, a multi-business corporation providing most intelligent solutions and services for strategic planning and business development, steering new ventures in media, marketing communication and technology businessess. We also help our clients to enter the most potential emerging markets around the world with project development, management, trade and investments.

On technology side our core competence is based on the deep understanding of consumer behaviour in both traditional and digital market places and modern marketing communication. Our technology products include also the US-patented advanced solution for mobile phone based opinion polling, the first one in the whole world!

RIDDES CORPORATION  (LTD, LLC, EU, USA) consists of several companies operating in the EU, USA and Middle-East. We are a privately held international corporation established in originally Finland in 1998 by a group of professionals on media, marketing communications, consulting, finance, research, advertising and technology and we work daily on the international market through our companies and business units in the Europe, USA and Asia.

Our corporation enjoys the highest possible credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet. Nowadays, after 15 years in business, we operate through two main business lines offering professional, executive level consulting services for business development and marketing, marketing communication operations and advanced digital and wireless technologies.