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Decades of experience wrapped with centuries of powerful family-business attitude to make things to work. We shall make the change happen.


Home of Excellence since 1998. Or since the 17th Century to be precise.


We have been around for decades, as a business family for centuries, so we believe that we are knowing our fields by now. We are a Europe and US based group of our family owned companies operating in Europe, USA and Asia. Our professional teams are working with strategic consultancy,  business development, investments, technology, media, marketing and PR, lobbying and international trade. We have a long history in various business sectors in Scandinavia, Continental Europe, US and Asia and it has been a great honor to work with many of the leading brands, companies and governments around the world.

Strategy, New Business

We have built new business strategies to our clients since 1990s covering media, technology sectors from ICT to energy and  wireless, marketing, advertising, retail and beyond. Let us know your challenges and we shall fix it together.

Internationalization, Growth

We have helped over 300 companies to successfully access new markets in the most profitable and productive way. We know how to create new growth and new markets to your company, whether you are looking any new forms of growth in US, Europe, Asia or beyond.

Advisory, Consultancy

When you are seeking for an advisor working closely with your company, supporting your post-M&A operational issues, re-structuring actions for future or advising you through the changing world, we are there to help you to understand what is happening in the regional or local market place right now and beyond.

Making a Business Impact Globally

We want to make things better. Whether it’s about growing sales, accessing a new market, developing state-of-art new technology, launching an unique hospitality product, building the best customer service or creating the best possible digital marketing campaigns for the most luxurious brands in the world, our companies are there for you. And always with a positive impact in the society.

RIDDES CORPORATION (EU, US) consists of several entities internationally. We work with strategies, consultancy, smart advertising, marketing and PR. We have been advising companies around the world and anything from fresh startups to the big giants. We are a family-owned business because we believe in the power of family. We’ve seen the ups and downs in business since the 17th century. We truly believe that commitment comes with the history and strong personal relations.


Professionals with wide experience over various industries

We have seen a lot over the last few decades and we are always keen to share our expertise with our clients.


  • Strategy Development
  • New Business Development
  • Expansion and Internationalization Strategies
  • Market Entry, Global Market Knowledge
  • Digitalization, MarCom Strategies
  • Branding Strategies

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Let us know what you are looking for and we shall work it out.

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