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Over the last two decades we have created various new businesses in media, telecommunication, IT, retail, hospitality, marketing, advertising, trade and export to and with our clients in every continent of the world.

We know what new business, business development and strategy is all about and we are pleased to bring our 30 years experience and knowledge to you.


From media to advertising and marketing communication, IT to telecommunication, hospitality to trade and export. From Scandinavia to US, Europe to Asia, EMEA to Gulf.

We have done it with hundreds of companies across the globe. We know how things are started from a scratch and how new business is brought in.

New customers, new products, launches, re-launches and visibility –  ask us for more.


We have an extensive experience of business development with our clients in media, IT and ICT and trade since over the last 30 years.

Whether you are looking for new clients of export or wondering where your company should proceed during the next 5-10 years we have the answers for you so don’t hesitate to contact us for more.


After hundreds of strategy reports and due dilligence documents we have delivered to our clients in business and public sector since mid-1990s we are able to bring you the hard core strategy for your company or government.

We are able to guide you throught the future challenges of your business or nation, in digital or more analogical world. We have worked almost with everything from media to retail, from IT to manufacturing, trade and governmental agencies worldwide.

Our companies
100% Family Business.
Holdings, consulting, advertising and marketing.

We are 100% family business because we believe in families.

Nowadays RIDDES CORPORATION (EU, US) consist of several companies operating in Europe, USA and Asia. We are a privately held international corporation established in originally Finland in 1998 by a group of professionals of media, music, entertainment, marketing communications, consulting, finance, research, advertising and technology. Corporation works daily on the international market through our companies and business units in three continents.

Our story started in late 1990s when our Co-Founder Mr. Wille Eerola got an idea after chairing a business seminar in Helsinki, Finland. One of the presentations was from NOKIA, that time the absolute world’s leaders in mobile technology, with the first sneak preview about then soon to come mobile browser in a mobile phone.

While flying to Los Angeles next day he started to think whether everything he heard day before could actually be built into a polling application challenging everything the market research business around the world was trying to do with their first serious steps online. A few months later RIDDES and NOKIA started to work together and in early 2000 the first mobile application was up and running and in 2005 a US patent was granted to us.

We have done plenty of interesting things with the mobile polling technology we created back then e.g. pretty massive polling in 2004 US elections with our partners Rock the Vote and Motorola with over 1,000,000 users in our database so the proof of concept was real, big and concrete! We brough in something new and challenged the old way and that’s what we are doing every day even today.

Like so many times before in business also our operations have been expanding into various sectors over the last 20 years and nowadays we work with various fields of business and development around the world. From technology to marketing, from advertising to international trade and executive level strategy consulting with corporations and governments internationally – that’s what we do nowadays.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Aarnio & Eerola
Advertising agency that sells luxury and beyond.

We believe that advertising agency business lost its core track at some point. Maybe it was all splashed away with too much tech-driven talks of social media and big data.

We are here only to sell our clients products and especially the ones with more complexity in terms of technology, manufacturing, materials, segments and customers. Also luxurious you might say, from limited edition products to five star hotels and beyond. And that won’t happen just by doing nice advertisements. First you need to do your homework, research, observe, understand and realize. Then it is time for some creative action. We do all that and we do it very globally and with selected customers only.

Simply making sure our clients sell more. Old fashion? Well, it is all up to you whether you want to sell more or not. We certainly wouldn’t call that old fashion.


Please click here to web page of Aarnio & Eerola

gllpe ™
We keep gllpeing.
Nowadays opinions count for more than ever. Whether you talk about politics, your experience with hotel or car rental or customer service. And there are also completely false gallups, wanna-be-gallups and totally nonsense analysis out there more than ever before. But there is also a modern way to do accurate instant polls to keep you directions in line and that is something we already built back in 1999.

Opinion in political campaign, discussions in society, advertising campaigns or customer experience. That is why we have gllpe – ready for your instant polling needs wherever in the world. US patented innovation used with millions of people so far and it works!

Please contact us for additional information about gllpe. We are pleased to tell you about the various opportunities where gllp delivers you the answers you are looking for – whether you work with politics, consumer marketing or polling.



New markets, new customers.
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, Tatjikistan and so many more are often more like a grey area for many businesses and companies in Europe and US. Countries, which people usually don’t recognise or don’t know so much. But you should.

Intempestivus opens you the gates of new business and growth in those emerging and growing markets. We offer executive corporate services linked to business development, trading, import & export, venture and funding and strategy, especially in the most emerging markets in the world e.g. in South Asia and South-East Asia. As the name tells, [latin intempestivus; understanding, being understood] company’s core team delivers deep understanding and long experience for various business branches, industries and markets. We research, create you the required network, identify potential partners and distributors, handle the lobbying for you.

We have helped tens of companies since 2014 so please contact us for more details. Let’s take you to new markets!

Oy Riddes Ltd
In 2000 we filed the US patent applications for several then-evolutionary new technology based solutions. It was the time of Wireless Application Protocol, which brought the internet browsers into mobile phones. Five years and many succesfull campaigns later we received that beautiful stamped letter of US Patent No. 6,873,688 confirming our work of revolutionary polling.

But The Home is also so much more in terms of technology, patents, solutions, knowledge and intelligence and we keep producing new ideas and business concepts continuously.

Oy Riddes Ltd is where everything started in city of Turku, the oldest city of Finland and city where the trade from and to Finland started in 13th century. We are a Finland based company owning and controlling the rights of our patent.

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